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Mobile Switching Center Backup

All telecommunications systems rely on central switching centers to route traffic in from remote sites and relay it on to the final destinations. This critical infrastructure must be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the introduction of modern hardware, the power requirements of these locations are increasing by 15% or more annually. Ensuring you have enough runtime in your telecom battery backup is becoming difficult in the existing space. Lithium Ion batteries provide an energy dense backup energy storage solution.

Many mobile switching centers were constructed over the past 20-30 years and are restricted to the space available for all their operational hardware, including telecom batteries. As energy demands increase, so do the energy backup requirements. Lithium Ion batteries provide nearly double the energy density of lead acid batteries traditionally used in these mobile switching centers.

Lithium-Ion batteries are the critical pillar in a fossil fuel-free economy and their uses in electric vehicles and stationary energy storage have grown exponentially in recent years, due to technological advances and significant price declines. This is making Lithium-Ion batteries a cost-effective solution for energy storage and backup in mobile switching centers.
Emergency and backup power are integral to the reliable operation of mission-critical systems and facilities, including telecom infrastructure and mobile switching centers. Diesel generators have traditionally been used to provide emergency backup. Clean decarbonization and electrification efforts are leading to Lithium Ion batteries becoming a viable alternative to diesel generators.

Mobile switching centers sites can require multiple hours of backup power. 48V Lithium-Ion batteries are more energy dense, meaning they can provide more runtime in a smaller space than their 48V battery alternatives. This allows operators to store more energy for use during power outages at remote mobile switching sites in the same footprint they currently have.

Unlike diesel generators, when batteries are not used for backup, they can double up as battery energy storage systems (BESS) that help address the imbalances of the grid, coming from excess or deficits between the production of electricity and consumption in real time. This can change telecom batteries from a liability to an asset for mobile switching center operators.

Green Cubes offers multiple lithium ion batteries for telecom applications to meet the exacting requirements of emergency power backup. Green Cubes Battery Backup Units (BBUs) can also be a building blocks of a BESS. Green Cubes Lithium-Ion Systems provide the following benefits over Diesel Generators:

  • Carbon Footprint
    Lithium Ion batteries offer a clean environment friendly option over diesel generators and their harmful CO2 emissions.
  • High efficiency
    Lithium Ion batteries have a higher energy efficiency compared to diesel generators.
  • Less maintenance
    Lithium Ion batteries do not require maintenance like diesel generators or lead acid batteries.
  • Higher energy density
    Lithium ion batteries offer the highest energy density enabling them to consume same or lesser space compared to diesel generators.
  • Lower Operating Costs
    Lithium Ion based storage provide a lower operating cost compared to increasing diesel prices.
  • Parallel Revenue Stream
    Lithium ion Batteries can provide a parallel revenue stream through BESS enabled services.

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105 Ah Battery Backup Unit | GBU-3U

Features and Options
  • 3RU High variant with 105Ah of capacity
  • 19-Inch Rack Mounting
  • Current Capacity: 100A
  • Operating Voltage: 48Vdc
  • Scalable, connect multiple units in Parallel
  • RS-485 Communication Ports

160 Ah Battery Backup Unit | GBU-4U

Features and Options
  • 4RU High variant with 160Ah of capacity
  • 19-Inch Rack Mounting
  • Current Capacity: 100A
  • Operating Voltage: 48Vdc
  • Scalable, connect multiple units in Parallel
  • RS-485 Communication Ports

175 Ah Battery Backup Unit | GBU-2U

Features and Options
  • 2RU High variant with 175Ah of capacity
  • 23-Inch Rack Mounting
  • Current Capacity: 100A
  • Operating Voltage: 48Vdc
  • Scalable, connect multiple units in Parallel
  • RS-485 Communication Ports

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Green Cubes is a great company, great engineers, great product. That’s been kind of my number one go to [lithium] battery.

President, Industrial Power Company

The thing I like about Green Cubes is that they have other lines of business outside of material handling batteries, they have been in the lithium world for a long time. I can trust they will likely stay in business

VP, Industrial Battery Company

Green Cubes [differentiates] on its capability to custom design for things like the hardware, the firmware, and inverters. They also have economies of scale because they make battery systems for things like forklifts.

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I am doing some work with them right now. We’re learning their products, and looking at demos. They have good people. They seem like they know the technology well – they say they’re a technology company. I like that they’ve been in the lithium business a long time. I can trust they will likely stay in business.

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President, Industrial Power Company