Aspiro 48V Rectifier

Aspiro 48V Rectifier


Product Information

The XPGe12.48G rectifier raises the bar for efficiency in medium-size rectifiers. Incorporating resonant technology to reduce component stresses also provides increased system reliability.

The rectifier features a wide input operating voltage range to maximize power availability within demanding utility power environments.

Typical applications for these rectifiers are both in indoor and outdoor environments, which is ideal for broadband access, cable head ends, micro/pico BTS Cells, Enterprise E911, and GSM-R applications.

Three Year warranty
Features and Options
  • >95% typical efficiency
  • Leading power density of up to 21.8W/in³
  • Rugged input voltage range
  • Thermal protection
  • Hot-swappable
  • International standards compliance
Voltage Operating Range: 90-275VAC
Permitted variation: 90-300VAC
(L-PE and N-PE <250VAC)
Current <5.5A @ 230VAC
<5.7A @ 110VAC
Frequency 47-63Hz
Power Factor >0.99 typical
Fuse Two 12.5A fast blow (L & N)
Voltage Range 46-57VDC
Power 1200W at 180-264VAC
600W at 90-180VAC
Current 48V NOMINAL

25.0A at ≥180VAC
12.5A at <180VAC


22.4A at ≥180VAC
11.2A at <180VAC

Efficiency >95% from 40-100% load
Tolerance Vout ±1.0%
Transient Response ±3% at load variation 10-90% or 90-10%
20ms recovery
Load Sharing <5% of nominal current
Ripple <100mV p-p (BW 500 MHz)
Psophometric <2mV, according to CCITT norms
Safety CAN/CSA C22.2 No 62368-1:2014
UL 62368-1:2014
EN 62368-1:2014/A11:2017
Inrush Current ETSI ETS 300 132-1
Harmonics EN61000-3-2
EMC ETSI EN300 386 V.1.3.2
EN61000-5-5, EN61000-6-1
EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3
EN55024 performance criterion A
EN55022 Class B
FCC Part 15 Class B
Environmental Storage: ETSI EN300 019-2-1
Transport: ETSI EN300 019-2-2
Operation: ETSI EN300 019-2-3
Damp Heat: IEC60068-2-78
MIL-STD-810D section 507.2
Earthquake: GR 63 Core Zone 4


Dimensions, inches (mm) 4.0 W x 9.0 D x 1.6 H (102 W x 229 D x 41 H)
Weight 2.4lbs. (1.1kg)
Cooling Fan-cooled, speed controlled
Insulation 4.25kVDC primary-secondary
2.12kVDC primary-ground
0.2kVDC secondary-ground
Enclosure IP20
Mounting 19in/23in x 1U subrack
up to 4 modules
Protection Short circuit/arcing
Automatic current/power limiting
Input/output overvoltage
Alarms Fan failure
Fan pre-warning
Temperature shutdown
High temperature pre-warning
Output power derating
Low output voltage
Current share error
Internal communication failure
Output overvoltage
LED Indicators Green: AC normal operation
Yellow steady: power derating
Yellow flashing: Comms. failure
Red: Module alarm
Audible Noise (nominal input) <45dBA @ ≤25°C
<55dBA @ >45°C
Operating Temperature -40°C to +75°C up to 2000m
Reduced spec -40°C to -20°CDerated output power from 1200W @ 55°C
linearly to 800W @ 75°C at ≥180VAC inputFor 3000m altitude derated by 5°C
Storage Temperature -60°C to +85°C

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