3U 23in Battery Breaker Panel

3U 23in Battery Breaker Panel

Product Information

3906 Series provides a compact battery disconnect solution with high-capacity, current-interrupting breakers.

The 3906 Battery Breaker Panel can be configured for +24V or -48V operation and has a maximum capacity of 500 amps. Up to 13 breakers rated from 5A to 100A can be installed, subject to the overall capacity not being exceeded.

The 3906 Battery Breaker Panel incorporates a 500A return busbar.

Three Year warranty
Features and Options
  • 3RU High: 5.22”
  • 23-Inch Rack Mounting
  • Current Capacity: 500A
  • Operating Voltage:+24 or -48VDC
  • 13 Breakers – 5A to 100A
  • Integral Return Bar
  • LED Alarm Indicator
  • Form C Relay Contacts
Breaker Type AM1 with Alarm Contact
Breaker Current Rating 5A to 100A
Breaker Interrupt Rating 10kAIC
Panel Capacity 500A
Breaker Configuration 13 Breakers
Alarm Fuses GMT (recommended 0.5A)
Voltage -48V Nominal: 42-60VDC
+24V Nominal: 21-30VDC
Alarm Indicator Red LED
LED Status Indication OFF = Normal
ON = Alarm
Alarm Relay Form C
Operating Temp. Range -10°C to +70°C
Storage Temp. Range -40°C to + 85°C
Humidity 0% to 95%, Non-Condensing
Panel Material Steel
Finish Powder Coat Gray
Dimensions, Inches (mm) 5.22 (132.6) H x 23.00 (584.2) W x 7.49 (190.3)
Weight 16.0 lbs. (7.3kg.)
Rack Mounting Width 23″ x 3RU
Bus Bars Accepts 2-hole lug (3/8” Hdw, 1” C-to-C)
Breakers ¼ – 20 Threaded Studs/Nuts
Alarm Compression/Screw Terminals


Model Number Voltage Fuse Alarm Breaker Positions
111-3906-48 -48VDC Yes 13
111-3906-24 +24VDC Yes 13


AMPS Part Number AMPS Part Number
5A 274-3811-05 40A 274-3811-40
10A 274-3811-10 50A 274-3811-50
15A 274-3811-15 60A 274-3811-60
20A 274-3811-20 70A 274-3811-70
25A 274-3811-25 80A 274-3811-80
30A 274-3811-30 90A 274-3811-90
35A 274-3811-35 100A 274-3811-100
NOTE: Breakers must be ordered individually.