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Legacy UNIPOWER Products

This site serves as a data library for Legacy UNIPOWER branded products. Many products previously branded as UNIPOWER have been transitioned to the Green Cubes Brand including Guardian, Aspiro, AR, Scimitar, and Bravo. Many other products have been produced by UNIPOWER in the past but have not been transitioned to the Green Cubes Brand. Please find a listing below of many older products technical data sheets, manuals, compliance reports, and EOL notices. Many of the products listed below are no longer available for sale and have reached their End of Life. Please Contact us now for more assistance!





Ground and Termination Panels Battery Racks
2240: Manual 7000 Series
3774: Manual 110.7010.00: Info Sheet
110.7020.00: Info Sheet
Relay Racks 110.7021.00A: Info Sheet
Aluminum: Datasheet
Welded Steel: Datasheet 7050 Series
110.7050.01: Info Sheet
Battery Trays 110.7050.02: Info Sheet
111.2019.02: Info Sheet 110.7050.05: Info Sheet
111.2019.1616: Info Sheet 110.7050.06: Info Sheet
111.2023.02: Info Sheet
111.2027.01: Info Sheet
111.2027.02: Info Sheet
RD02332: Info Sheet
KBC05182: Info Sheet
RD02341: Info Sheet
MBC04372-19: Info Sheet






TPCM/TPCP: Datasheet | Manual TPCMQ24: Datasheet | Manual



EASYMOD Series R Series
AJ-040U: Datasheet RA-025/040U: Datasheet
AL-070U: Datasheet | CB Report | DEMKO Certificate RGM-065U: Datasheet
AD-070U: Datasheet | CB Report RB-060U: Datasheet
AE-080U: Datasheet | CB Report RD-120P: Datasheet
AL-085U: Datasheet | CB Report | DEMKO Certificate RB-150P: Datasheet
AM-120U: Datasheet | CB Report | DEMKO Certificate RD-150P: Datasheet
AF-180P: Datasheet | CB Report | DEMKO Certificate RD-280P: Datasheet
AG-350P: Datasheet | CB Report RE-360P: Datasheet | Application Note
RJ-360P: Datasheet
RF-500P: Datasheet | Application Note



DCMOD Series
AJ-040D: Datasheet AL-085D: Datasheet | CB Report | DEMKO Certificate
AD-070D: Datasheet | CB Report AM-120D: Datasheet
AL-070D: Datasheet | CB Report | DEMKO Certificate AF-180D: Datasheet
AE-080D: Datasheet | CB Report AG-350D: Datasheet | CB Report



MEDIMOD Series R Series
AJ-040M: Datasheet RBM-065U: Datasheet
AL-070M: Datasheet RGM-065U: Datasheet
AD-070M: Datasheet RDM-180P: Datasheet
AE-080M: Datasheet RHM-200U: Datasheet
AL-085M: Datasheet RD-280P: Datasheet
AM-120M: Datasheet REM-360P: Datasheet | Application Note
RJ-360P: Datasheet
RFM-500P: Datasheet | Application Note


Single Phase: Datasheet Single & Three Phase 400Hz: Datasheet
Three Phase: Datasheet


AF-180M: Datasheet QUIQPLUS Series: Datasheet
AG-350M: Datasheet Radian RPCM/RPCP/RPCQ/TPCM6000: Datasheet | Manual
AGL3000: Datasheet Ranger Series: Manual
AGL9233-R2U: Datasheet RD-250P: Datasheet
ARR: Manual – 6 Pulse | Manual – 12 Pulse RDM-250P: Datasheet
Aspiro 1U (M22/MS22): Manual/Datasheet (1U) Datasheet (2U) Relay Alarm Adaptor: Datasheet
Aspiro XR08.48: Datasheet RMH/RMP Series: Manual
Auro-he Series: Manual RMX Series: Manual
BLUEStreak Series: Datasheet | Manual | PMBus Manual RVN Series: Manual
BRC Series: Datasheet SABRE Lite: Datasheet
CPCIB Series: Manual SABRE System: Datasheet/Brochure/Manuals
CPCIBQ Series: Manual SGG3000: Datasheet
CPCIC Series: Manual SGG9233-R1U: Datasheet
CPCICQ Series: Manual SGH3000: Datasheet
CPCIE Series: Manual SGH9233-R1U: Datasheet
CPCIEQ Series: Manual Sigma Series: Datasheet | Manual
Cutlass Series: Manual Sigma II Series: Datasheet
DPBF1U: Manual SLI15: Datasheet & Manuals
DPB2U Series: Manual/Datsheet SLI50: Datasheet & Manuals
DPG1U: Manual Slimline760 Series: Manual
DPGF1U: Manual Slimline L & LE Series: Datasheet
DPU1U: Datasheet/Manual SNMP Alarm Adaptor: Datasheet | Setup Guide | MIB Files
DSC1000: Manual SPQ3000: Datasheet
ERC Series: Datasheets SSD3000: Datasheet
ES0714: Datasheet SSD9233-R1U: Datasheet
ES24445: Datasheet TMF Series: Manual
ES4120: Datasheet TMH Series: Manual
ES5091: Datasheet TMN/TMP Series: Manual
ES7577: Datasheet TNF/TNFQ Series: Manual
ES8064: Datasheet TP Series: Manual
ES8111: Datasheet TPCH/TPCHQ Series: Manual
ES8320: Datasheet TPCMQ48 Series: Datasheet | Manual
ES8547: Datasheet TVN Series: Manual
ES8573: Datasheet TWRI: Manual
F Series: Manual TWRI: Manual
Guardian FMP20.48: Datasheet | EOL notice UNIMOD H Series: Manual
Guardian FMPe20.48: Datasheet | EOL notice UNIMOD K Series: Manual
Guardian FMP25.48: Datasheet | EOL notice UNIMOD U Series: Manual
Guardian FMPe30.48G: Datasheet | EOL notice ULTIMOD S Series: Manual
GR Series: Manual Vigilant Series: Manual
Guardian Access 19″ (M26) Manual X75 Series (Mk1): Manual
Guardian Access 2RU (MS28): Datasheet | Manual | EOL notice X75 Series (Mk3): Manual
Guardian Access 2RU 24V (M28): Datasheet X100 Series: Manual
Guardian FMD15.24: Datasheet X150 Series: Manual
Guardian FMPe30.48C: Datasheet X300Series: Manual
HARC Series: Datasheet X410/610 Series: Manual
HLX: Datasheet | Manual XRC/XRS Series: Datasheet
HRT Series: Manual XRD/XRF Series: Datasheet
INV2500 Series: Datasheet/Manual XR04.48: Datasheet
IX12.5 Series Datasheet/Manual XR08.48: Datasheet | EOL notice
J Series: Manual Z Series: Manual
L Series: Manual
LRC Series: Datasheet
LVD70 Series: Manual
LVD1U: Manual
LVD1U200: Manual
LVD400/LVD600: Manual
M Series: Datasheets/Manual
P Series: Manual
PCM500 Series: Datasheet/Manual
PDUAC1U: Datasheet
PDUAC3U: Manual/Datasheet
PODS Midi: Datasheet
PODS V3: Datasheet | Overview

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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Green Cubes is a great company, great engineers, great product. That’s been kind of my number one go to [lithium] battery.

President, Industrial Power Company

The thing I like about Green Cubes is that they have other lines of business outside of material handling batteries, they have been in the lithium world for a long time. I can trust they will likely stay in business

VP, Industrial Battery Company

Green Cubes [differentiates] on its capability to custom design for things like the hardware, the firmware, and inverters. They also have economies of scale because they make battery systems for things like forklifts.

VP, Powered Cart OEM

I am doing some work with them right now. We’re learning their products, and looking at demos. They have good people. They seem like they know the technology well – they say they’re a technology company. I like that they’ve been in the lithium business a long time. I can trust they will likely stay in business.

Sales Manager, Industrial Battery Company

Green Cubes Technology would be my go-to for lithium applications.

Branch Manager, OEM

I’ve told my friends at Green Cubes, I don’t plan on going anywhere. I believe in loyalty.

President, Industrial Power Company