Lithium SAFEFlex Chargers | FBC Series


The Lithium SafeFlex Battery Charger is designed to operate with Material Handling (MH) and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Lithium-ion batteries. This charger has universal AC power input, supports full Level 3 charging via a CANBus communications with the battery, has a touchscreen display, provides unity power factor with very low iTHD which results in very high charging efficiency, and has the smallest footprint in the MH and GSE charger industry. This charger is offered in 15 KiloWatt (kW) and 30 kW models. Each model supports up to three simultaneous charging ports, and performs voltage auto-detect for each of the charging ports. This charger is scalable down to 5 kW and up to 30 kW, while each module has a default power level of 15 kW.