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IoT based Asset Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) solution for Asset Management empowers Green Cubes Material Handling and Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) customers, to establish a connection between their human capital and assets through connected systems and process flows.

Green Cubes Clean, Connected and Cost-Effective Ecosystem for Material Handling and Aviation GSE applications, include batteries and chargers connected to the Cloud via an IoT gateway.

MAESTRO IoT Asset Management Platform

MAESTRO Web application serves as the IoT asset management platform for Green Cubes batteries and chargers used in Material Handling Equipment and Aviation GSE. MAESTRO improves overall productivity, maintenance of regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, asset monitoring from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

IoT enables a centralized, cloud-based environment for automated collection, updating, and maintaining all data in one place rather than spread across multiple databases. The IoT-enabled tracking system allows facility managers and stakeholders to access data at once, thereby bringing coherence within departments.

MAESTRO’s Asset management is one of the differentiating factors that help warehouse and ground support operations gain a competitive advantage. Availability, performance, and quality of the Equipment are the three critical drivers for overall equipment effectiveness in these operations.

Facility dashboard with a summary of equipment and overall site performance

Following are MAESTRO’s key features:

  1. Remote Asset Tracking: Using cloud-based technology, help facility managers and stakeholders to retrieve information of their deployed assets anytime, anywhere.
  2. Asset Health/Condition Monitoring: Cost-efficient and proactive method to evaluate the various health indicators and associated risks. Help define events, alerts and policy execution that enable recommendations for improved asset health.
  3. Asset Lifecycle Management: Comprehensive record of asset portfolio helping operations in optimizing the profit generated by the various assets throughout their lifecycle.

Facility dashboard with a summary of equipment and overall site performance

MAESTRO assists Material Handling and Aviation GSE operations to remain updated about all their assets, interpret asset use and condition by monitoring availability, performance, and quality of each of the asset / equipment. The operational cost of the asset reduces with the improvement in the uptime, utilization, and availability of the asset.

Example equipment dashboard with updated information and status of each asset / equipment

Asset health/condition monitoring provides real time visibility and leads to greater understanding of the asset utilization scenarios in each facility. This helps to plan and organize charging and usage schedules including opportunity charging more effectively to leverage off peak hours to optimize energy savings.

Customized charging schemes to reflect actual asset utilization leading to improved efficiency of operations. Strategizing improvements in asset health and lifecycle management has a direct impact on future capex investments.
So Opex is reduced by improving operations efficiency and Capex is reduced by improving the lifecycle of the equipment and better utilizing the assets.

Example equipment dashboard with detailed information

Important display parameters can be configured using a filter and all parameters streamed by the BMS can be exported, including SoC (in %), Charge Current (in Amps), Discharge Current (in Amps), and Average Battery Temperature are the display parameters in this dashboard.

Material Handling and Aviation GSE operations using MAESTRO have the time and capabilities to assess the quality, quantity, location of assets to improve work processes, reduce waste, and prevent sudden equipment failure to maintain a cost-efficient system. Moreover, collecting inputs around operational and health parameters of different sub-systems operating inside or around the asset enables a framework to achieve higher asset utilization and uptime through predictive maintenance and equipment usage with the additional data about the application made available.

In addition, MAESTRO’s abilities can be extended to further achieve the following:

  • Asset Workflow Automation: Build powerful automation capabilities depending on the applications to accelerate business processes, reduce errors, and increase operations efficiency and productivity.
  • Predictive Asset Maintenance: Build data analytics capabilities to stay alert of your asset shutdowns and downtime by understanding the performance threshold and planning backup measures accordingly. 

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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Green Cubes is a great company, great engineers, great product. That’s been kind of my number one go to [lithium] battery.

President, Industrial Power Company

The thing I like about Green Cubes is that they have other lines of business outside of material handling batteries, they have been in the lithium world for a long time. I can trust they will likely stay in business

VP, Industrial Battery Company

Green Cubes [differentiates] on its capability to custom design for things like the hardware, the firmware, and inverters. They also have economies of scale because they make battery systems for things like forklifts.

VP, Powered Cart OEM

I am doing some work with them right now. We’re learning their products, and looking at demos. They have good people. They seem like they know the technology well – they say they’re a technology company. I like that they’ve been in the lithium business a long time. I can trust they will likely stay in business.

Sales Manager, Industrial Battery Company

Green Cubes Technology would be my go-to for lithium applications.

Branch Manager, OEM

I’ve told my friends at Green Cubes, I don’t plan on going anywhere. I believe in loyalty.

President, Industrial Power Company