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The Time for Modern Electrification Is Now!

As the prices of renewable electricity and electric equipment continue to drop, industrial companies can capture cost-saving and greenhouse gas emission-reduction opportunities by planning the electrification of their operations while increasing overall productivity.

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Green Cubes consults, designs and develops safe and reliable electrification solutions for a range of industrial applications. Our projects have helped customers achieve their operational, technical and commercial goals.
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Modes of Electrification

There are three primary modes of electrification. Lead-acid, Lithium and Hydrogen. The best option depends on your overall needs. Lithium is the fastest growing mode for industrial applications.
Lead Acid Lithium-Ion Fuel Cell Maintenance Free Lead Acid
Specific Energy 30-40 WH/KG 110-250 WH/KG Varies
Weight Heavy Weight (3X LIB) Light Weight Varies
Energy Density 50-90 WH/L 125-600+ WH/L Varies
Footprint High Low Medium
Initial Cost Low Medium High
Total Cost of Ownership High Low Medium
Operating Cost High Low Medium
Runtime Shorter Longer Longer
Depth of Discharge 50-80% 80-100%
Round Trip Efficiency 80% 90%
Peukert Effect Yes No No
Charge Time 8-10 Hours 1-3 Hours 10 Minutes
Cool Down Period 8 Hours None None
Life Cycle 500-1500 Cycles 3000-5000+ Cycles 8+ Years
Performance Low Efficiency High Efficiency Medium Efficiency
Range Shorter Longer Longer
Multi Shift Operation Low Productivity High Productivity High Productivity
Opportunity Charging Not Possible Possible Possible
Carbon Footprint High Low Medium
Regular Maintenance Weekly Watering, Ventilation, Carrosion None High Complexity, Requires Specialization
Environmental Hazardous Effects No Hazardous
No Hazardous Effects
Safety Precautionary Measures Required Inherently Safe
(with BMS),
Non Explosive
Explosive Material
Adoption Widely used, Declining Growing Narrow Limited

Over 35 Years of Industry-leading Innovation

When it comes to electrification, years of accumulated knowledge matter. For over 35 years, Green Cubes has been on the forefront of electrification innovations.

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Solution Provider to Tier 1 Industry Leaders

Anheuser Busch
American Food
Taylor Farms
Fritolay Good Fun
General Mills
Almark Foods
Dish Network

Latest News

Green Cubes Technology Expands Executive Team

19 May, 2022
Industry Leader Expects Accelerated Growth from Continued Demand for Industrial Electrification KOKOMO, IND. May 19, 2022 – Green Cubes Technology, a leader in electrification and clean, connected, cost-effective power solutions,...

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Green Cubes is a great company, great engineers, great product. That’s been kind of my number one go to [lithium] battery.

President, Industrial Power Company

The thing I like about Green Cubes is that they have other lines of business outside of material handling batteries, they have been in the lithium world for a long time. I can trust they will likely stay in business

VP, Industrial Battery Company

Green Cubes [differentiates] on its capability to custom design for things like the hardware, the firmware, and inverters. They also have economies of scale because they make battery systems for things like forklifts.

VP, Powered Cart OEM

I am doing some work with them right now. We’re learning their products, and looking at demos. They have good people. They seem like they know the technology well – they say they’re a technology company. I like that they’ve been in the lithium business a long time. I can trust they will likely stay in business.

Sales Manager, Industrial Battery Company

Green Cubes Technology would be my go-to for lithium applications.

Branch Manager, OEM

I’ve told my friends at Green Cubes, I don’t plan on going anywhere. I believe in loyalty.

President, Industrial Power Company