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OEM Integrated Vehicles

Lithium-ion batteries used as an embedded technology, fully integrated by an Industrial Truck OEM, have all of the benefits of lead acid replacement batteries, with a lower total cost of ownership. But, there are additional benefits as well:

Better Ergonomic Functionality for the Rider

The fully integrated battery takes advantage of Lithium-ion’s smaller size, transferring valuable space to the driver compartment.

Simplicity of Integration

Your distribution partners won’t need to worry about how to implement communication.

One Battery per Vehicle

Designed for opportunity charging and much higher cycle life means battery swapping is a thing of the past. Reclaim your battery room and free up floor space.

Safety & Reliability

Our motive power batteries are constructed from UL approved components. Voltage, current and temperature are continuously monitored while safety is controlled through contactors. Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry is the saftest chemistry in the lithium-ion battery category.

Flexible Applications

Available for all electric material handling (MHE) classes 1-3, small Pallet Jacks, End Riders, Center Riders, Narrow Aisle Forklifts, 3-4 Wheel Forklifts, large Turret Trucks, as well as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and Industrial Electric Vehicles. Lithium SAFEFlex batteries are ballasted for heavy counterbalance applications when necessary.

Energy & Cost Savings

Recharge efficiency of 98%+ drives electrical savings and reduces damaging effects of heating batteries.

Plug & Play

Single point battery connection replicates today’s lead acid batteries without any special modifications. Drop-in replacement happens once and battery swaps are eliminated forever.

Maintenance Free

Weekly watering and equalization is not required. Lithium motive power batteries are sealed and do not require acid. The BMS automatically monitors and conditions the battery.

Green Cubes’ engineering team can work as an extension of the OEM’s internal resources to implement a solution that takes advantage of all of these benefits. With experts in Li-ion engineering to guide your team through the unique considerations of integrating a cutting edge battery, the design cycle is faster and more efficient.

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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Green Cubes is a great company, great engineers, great product. That’s been kind of my number one go to [lithium] battery.

President, Industrial Power Company

The thing I like about Green Cubes is that they have other lines of business outside of material handling batteries, they have been in the lithium world for a long time. I can trust they will likely stay in business

VP, Industrial Battery Company

Green Cubes [differentiates] on its capability to custom design for things like the hardware, the firmware, and inverters. They also have economies of scale because they make battery systems for things like forklifts.

VP, Powered Cart OEM

I am doing some work with them right now. We’re learning their products, and looking at demos. They have good people. They seem like they know the technology well – they say they’re a technology company. I like that they’ve been in the lithium business a long time. I can trust they will likely stay in business.

Sales Manager, Industrial Battery Company

Green Cubes Technology would be my go-to for lithium applications.

Branch Manager, OEM

I’ve told my friends at Green Cubes, I don’t plan on going anywhere. I believe in loyalty.

President, Industrial Power Company