Lithium SAFEFlex: Maximize Your ROI

Lead-acid batteries tend to slack off as they approach the end of their shifts. As lead-acid batteries get close to the end of their cycle, they produce less and less voltage, meaning that lift times get longer. By contrast, the Green Cubes Technology Lithium SAFEflex battery system provides constant power during its cycle time. With a battery that works hard until it needs to recharge, companies can recapture lost efficiency and a gain a return on investment in less than a year.

Why Choose Green Cubes Technology For Your Application?

  • 40% reduction in TCO
  • 50% higher run time
  • 20% increase in productivity
  • Increased battery lifespan (over 4x longer life)
  • Decreased electricity costs

In a forklift battery project with a major food manufacturer, Green Cubes Technology was able to deliver the above improvements over lead-acid batteries. Additionally, forklifts were required to do most of their work in a low-temperature environment. Green Cubes Technology added foil heaters to their battery modules which improved cycle life and low-temperature performance without adding to the TCO.

Green Cubes Technology Flexibility Lets Companies Quickly Join The Li-Ion Revolution
With multiple form factors and configurable voltage options, Green Cubes Technology has made it easy to retrofit pre-existing hardware for lithium ion batteries. Customers can purchase and install Green Cubes Technology Lithium SAFEflex battery systems without making expensive investments in additional hardware. As a net result, companies will not only enjoy the cost and productivity benefits of Li-Ion batteries, but they will also be able to do so faster than their competitors.

How Else Can Green Cubes Technology Lithium SAFEflex Battery Systems Increase ROI?

Driven by automation at previously unseen scales, manufacturing productivity is booming. The material handling industry need forklifts that can move material as fast as it’s being produced. Pushing existing equipment to handle increased speeds and material volumes will inevitably result in increased wear and tear. Companies need to scale their material handling capacity without increasing maintenance costs.

Companies can achieve an increase in performance and a reduction in maintenance costs by switching to the Lithium Iron Phosphate cells used in Green Cubes Technology Lithium SAFEflex batteries.

Your Next Steps
Our engineers can help you identify areas of your operation where Lithium SAFEflex can make the most impact, based on how you use your fleet:

  1. Green Cubes Technology will compile your cost data to provide a proof of concept. Our analysis will cover number of vehicles, number of shifts, charging information and major improvements you’d like to see.
  2. Once a cost model achieves your target, we’ll provide a trail systems with monitoring software to validate the savings.

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