Lithium SAFEFlex: Why Switch

What are the Major Benefits of Switching to Lithium SAFEflex?

The future of transportation isn’t just for cars and trucks. Switching to Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries has the potential to shrink the cost of warehousing, logistics and supply chain by achieving unprecedented efficiencies.

Let’s learn more:

  • One hour charging/Opportunity charging.
  • Removal of surplus equipment and charging areas
  • Longer equipment lifespan
  • Batteries that keep up with 24/7 shifts

The Smallest Improvements Lead to Cascading Benefits

The ability to charge your lifter batteries in an hour or less represents a marked improvement over traditional batteries. Lead acid batteries can only be charged to 80% under constant current, which slows the overall charging process considerably. These batteries become damaged when charged under high ambient temperatures, or when charged incompletely.

By constant, Lithium SAFEflex batteries can be charged rapidly when they’re fully drained and can be topped up-without suffering any damage-during any brief inactivity. This means that businesses can minimize the amount of space required for charging, while keeping fewer spare batteries on hand. This means more space for product in turn-and therefore higher throughput.

Other advantage include:

  • Higher energy density:vehicle become lighter or faster
  • Reduced environmental impact:lower cost for equipment disposal
  • More consistent performance:delivers the same voltage at 100% and 10% capacity
  • Achieves performance advantages over other forms of lithium ion battery

Better than Lead Acid and Nearly Everything Else

With a lifespan of over 4x longer life, LFP batteries don’t just beat lead batteries-they beat nearly every other form of lithium ion battery on the market. Combined with their safely and durability, adopting Lithium SAFEflex batteries can reduce your total cost of ownership by up to 40%.

Lithium SAFEflex Lithium Batteries Can be Yours Faster Than You Think

Achieving performance improvements over your old battery system is only half the battle. The other half is implementation. Green Cubes Technology has decades of experience designing, installing and maintaining battery systems. Green Cubes Technology Lithium SAFEflex batteries come in a variety of form factors to fit your needs and we can easily design custom components to suit your unique operating environment.

Our implementation process involves data analytics that combines cost, usage, vehicle numbers and necessary improvements and allows companies to validate the savings from Lithium SAFEflex batteries in real time. For more information, contact Green Cubes Technology today.

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