Green Cubes (formerly branded as UNIPOWER) Introduces Highly Efficient Modular Inverter Systems

bravo tsi and eci modular inverter systems

Designers Can Easily Combine Bravo ECI or TSI Modular Inverter Systems with
Green Cube’s
DC Power Systems for Complete AC and DC Power Solutions

July 14, 2020 (Coral Springs, FL) – Green Cubes (formerly branded as UNIPOWER) LLC, a world-leading supplier of industrial AC and DC power systems, announces its new family of Bravo modular inverter systems that provide customers with a highly efficient and modular AC or DC power solution. The Bravo inverters offer a modular and fully scalable solution using hot-swap inverter modules at 2.5kVA 120VAC or 3kVA 230VAC.

The Bravo ECI and TSI models are compact 2U (3.5 inch-high) rackmount inverters that can be configured with up to four 2.5kVA modules totaling 10kVA in a single 2U shelf. Units can be connected in parallel to increase the overall output of the inverter system and the hot-swappable modules can also be configured with N+1 redundancy. Moreover, the Bravo models provide extra AC input to ensure a high overall efficiency that results in a reduction of energy loss and heat dissipation.

“Our new Bravo ECI and TSI inverters offer a high level of modularity, reliability, efficiency, compactness and cost savings which perfectly align with our product commitment to our customers,” said John Ely, vice president of marketing for Green Cubes. “We’re very pleased to offer the Bravo line that provides a flexible and scalable power solution for a variety of telecom, utility and industrial applications.”

Both Bravo inverter models convert 48VDC into a pure sine wave with an output of 120VAC or 230VAC. Outputs can be configured to deliver single-, dual- or three-phase AC power. The Bravo ECI technology eliminates all single points of failure with full scalability up to 32 modules in parallel and high efficiency of up to 96 percent in AC/AC conversion and above 93.5 percent in DC/AC conversion to minimize operating costs. Multiple Bravo ECI systems can be paralleled to reach up to 96kVA. The Bravo TSI models can scale from 2.5kVA up to 80kVA with a minimum of three rack shelves required for three-phase operation. Designed for easy configuration, the modules mount four at a time into a 19″ rackmount power shelf along with a management module. Multiple shelves can be connected in parallel and can be wired for single-phase or 3-phase operation.

For enhanced system communications, Green Cubes offers an industry-first “translator” interface PCB that allows the inverters to seamlessly communicate with the existing Green Cubes ACX controller through the PowCom™ network software. PowCom allows system communication through a local or remote PC and will automatically adjust its interface to the capabilities of the connected system – eliminating the need for two separate protocols.

The Bravo ECI and TSI inverters are available now.

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