Forklift Battery Replacements

Forklift Battery Replacements

GreenCubes SafeFlex Lithium forklift batteries enhance efficiency and minimize operating costs.

  • Slash your equipment operating costs by up to 65% over 5 years
  • Compatible with most major forklift models and chargers
  • Fast charging times, recharge your batteries in as little as 1 hour
  • Easily swap out your old battery for a new, high-capacity forklift battery replacement from GreenCubes!

Why Opt for Lithium SAFEFlex Forklift Batteries for Your Material Handling Operations?

30% Superior Charging Efficiency

Attain 98% or higher charging efficiency with our forklift batteries, amplifying productivity and cutting down power consumption.

Regenerative Power Capture

Our forklift batteries can capture up to 80% more regenerative energy, leading to extended run times and less frequent recharging.

Zero Maintenance Woes

Say goodbye to dangerous gas emissions or watering requirements, courtesy of the internal BMS module in our forklift batteries.

Rapid Charging

Recharge your forklift batteries in just one hour without battery degradation, a stark contrast to the 50% degradation in lead-acid batteries.

About Green Cubes Technology:

Experience, Innovation, and Reliability in Lithium Power Systems

For over 30 years, Green Cubes Technology has helped OEMs transition from lead acid systems to advanced lithium technologies, offering precision-engineered conversions for various applications. With a reputation for innovation and a presence in six countries, we provide reliable, high-performance, and high-quality lithium power systems.