80V Lithium SAFEFlex Material Handling Batteries

Product Information

Lithium SAFEFlex is a comprehensive Material Handling battery solution designed to meet the cost, performance, efficiency and durability requirements of the rugged warehouse environment. It includes application-specific cell chemistry and intelligent battery management electronics. FBP-1000 series 80V Lithium SafeFlex Material Handling battery systems are high cycle life maintenance free solutions for industrial vehicles with fully customizable features to fulfill the most demanding requirements. The drop in replacement batteries make upgrading from Lead Acid to Lithium simple. The batteries are sized to fit the standard motive power lead acid battery, along with meeting the truck battery weight requirements.

Features and Options
  • Drop-in replacement for Lead Acid Batteries
  • Maintenance free Li-ion batteries improve safety and efficiency
  • 80V systems for forklifts
Model Voltage Lithium Capacity
(Ampere hours)
Battery Weight
Battery Dimensions
Charge Port
FBP-1432 80V 525 3400 38.75 x 36 x 22.50 No
FBP-1481 80V 420 3100 36.08 x 38.58 x 21.50 Yes
FBP-1492 80V 630 4600 40.5 x 39 x 31 Yes
FBP-1421 80V 735 4600 44 x 39.75 x 28 Yes