Material Handling

Lithium Solutions for Material Handling:

Boost Efficiency & Reduce Operating Costs

Save up to 65% on equipment operating costs over 5 years with Green Cubes Technology’s Lithium SAFEFlex batteries

Why Choose Lithium SAFEFlex Batteries for Your Material Handling Operations?

30% Higher Charging Efficiency

Achieve 98% or higher charging efficiency, boosting productivity and reducing power consumption

Regenerative Power Capture

Capture up to 80% more regenerative energy for longer run times and less frequent recharging

Zero Maintenance Hassle

No dangerous gas emissions or watering requirements, thanks to the internal BMS module

Faster Charging

Recharge in just one hour without battery degradation, compared to 50% degradation in lead acid batteries

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Lithium SAFEFlex Chargers | FBC Series

24V Lithium SAFEFlex Material Handling Batteries

36V Lithium SAFEFlex Material Handling Batteries

48V Lithium SAFEFlex Material Handling Batteries

80V Lithium SAFEFlex Material Handling Batteries

Lithium SAFEFlex vs. Lead Acid Batteries: The Ultimate Battery Solution for Industrial Warehouses

Material Handling Battery Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Lithium SAFEFlex batteries different from traditional lead-acid batteries?

Lithium SAFEFlex batteries offer a higher charging efficiency, no maintenance hassle, more regenerative power capture, and faster charging times, making them a superior choice for material handling applications.

How easy is it to transition from lead-acid batteries to Lithium SAFEFlex batteries?

Upgrading from lead-acid to Lithium SAFEFlex batteries is simple, as our drop-in replacement batteries are designed to fit standard motive power lead-acid battery sizes and meet truck battery weight requirements.

What are the energy-saving benefits of using Lithium SAFEFlex batteries?

Lithium SAFEFlex batteries have a recharge efficiency of 98% or higher, helping you save on electricity and reduce battery heating. They also offer improvements in runtime capacity efficiency of 10% or higher, and do not require weekly equalization charges.

Are Lithium SAFEFlex batteries safe for use in industrial environments?

Yes, Lithium SAFEFlex batteries utilize high-safety Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry cells and are continuously monitored by Green Cubes Technology’s custom Battery Management System (BMS). They are constructed from UL-approved components, ensuring safety and reliability.

What applications are Lithium SAFEFlex batteries suitable for?

Lithium SAFEFlex batteries are ideal for a variety of material handling applications, including forklifts, pallet trucks, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), ground support equipment, and industrial electric vehicles.

What models and capacities of Lithium SAFEFlex batteries are available?

Green Cubes Technologies offers a wide range of Lithium SAFEFlex batteries with capacities ranging from 5kWh to 80kWh, and voltages from 24V to 80V. Detailed specifications for each model can be found in our product catalog or on our website.

Who is Green Cubes Technology and what is their experience in the lithium power systems industry?

Green Cubes Technology has over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing a complete portfolio of lithium power systems for OEMs and enterprise customers. With over 300 employees across six countries, Green Cubes is committed to producing reliable, high-performance, and high-quality products.

How can I get more information or contact Green Cubes Technology for inquiries?

For more information or inquiries, you can email or visit our website at

About Green Cubes Technology:

Experience, Innovation, and Reliability in Lithium Power Systems

For over 30 years, Green Cubes Technology has helped OEMs transition from lead acid systems to advanced lithium technologies, offering precision-engineered conversions for various applications. With a reputation for innovation and a presence in six countries, we provide reliable, high-performance, and high-quality lithium power systems.