Global Social Responsibility

Global Social Responsibility

Green Cubes Technology develops and manufactures a complete portfolio of modern electrification power solutions, including the market-leading lithium Ion (“Li-ion”) battery.  Green Cubes clean, connected, and cost-efficient power solutions allow industrial customers to transition away from fossil fuels and legacy power sources such as lead-acid and internal combustion engines (ICE).

Since the inception of Green Cubes Technology, our focus and direction has never wavered. The Green refers to the eco-friendly and energy-efficient nature of our rechargeable battery products. This is never more important as our products are replacing toxic and inefficient Lead Acid batteries or Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) in high-use and cyclic applications. The Cubes refers to the reusable building blocks that we use in the design of our products. By using multi-purpose technology platforms, we can quickly and efficiently deliver performance- and cost-optimized solutions to our customers. The Technology refers to the latest technology that we qualify and utilize to build our products, which includes cell chemistries, microprocessors, displays and packaging materials.

Green Cubes sells to a broad array of OEM and industrial customers across 3 platforms (Mobile, Motive and Stationary) and across multiple applications.

Our History

When it comes to electrification, years of accumulated knowledge matter. Green Cubes Technology has accrued decades of experience in power solutions across diverse applications. Green Cubes was there when the market progressed from lead-acid to NiMH to lithium-ion.

Green Cubes was one of the first battery pack manufacturers to utilize Benchmark fuel gauges, the first smart-chip microprocessors designed for Battery Management System (BMS) electronics and later acquired by Texas Instruments. Green Cubes pioneered the use of emerging Lithium Iron Phosphate cells in a medical application. 

After 30 years of developing hundreds of battery systems for multiple applications, Green Cubes understands the advantages and, more importantly, the limitations of electrification. Our projects have helped customers achieve their operational, technical and commercial goals.

The battery is a medium that stores energy in its potential form. There are many battery chemistries, all with advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the underlying energy source, our vision is to design platforms to help accelerate the adoption of cleaner energy mediums


As the prices of renewable electricity and electric equipment continue to drop, industrial companies can capture cost-saving and GHG-emission-reduction opportunities by planning the electrification of their operations. Over the past 35+ years, Green Cubes has pioneered the transition from ICE and lead-acid battery systems to clean, rechargeable, connected power solutions. The Company now has over 100 power designs across various applications and end markets.