Warehousing Logistics International: Effective Opportunity Charging for Material Handling Equipment

Although opportunity charging is not new in this market, lithium improves upon the existing concept; it brings is a true fast opportunity charge because Lithium can truly be charged in a one-hour timeframe. Allowing the operator the freedom to just plug the battery in during a lunch or break and a short break is really can bring 25 percent back to the battery or more being on the brake. Lithium enables a 24/7 operation without having to do battery swaps. Also, there’s no degradation with overcharging or undercharging because the lithium batteries are protected by the battery management system. They’re able to be continuously plugged in during off periods. The operator doesn’t have to worry about the state of charge, and it is kept at an optimal state of charge. There’s no worry about having an overcharge battery, allowing for disruption of routines.

Opportunity charging is a practice applicable to both Lead Acid and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries for motive power systems and especially useful for Material Handling (MH) equipment. Fast charging is a key differentiator for Lithium-ion batteries. Because the chemistry allows fast charging without damaging cycle life, batteries can be charged opportunistically during breaks and don’t require battery swaps.

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